Day 103 — Sept. 1

I did not intend to be posting this 5 days later, but such is life. . .

We needed to go shopping in the a.m. for Tyler’s work uniform (shorts and whistle).  Nothing really exciting there.  I count the fact that we were able to find these things as excellent, as my experience suggests that whenever you are looking for something specific it turns out very difficult to find.

My brother (Uncle P), most especially, and Tara are not dealing with the heat / humidity well.  AT ALL!  My brother seems to just be melting.  He had wanted to bring Tara and show her around, but as it was today he was asking to only go places that had A/C.

Took Tyler to his first day on the job.  Today he would have the supervisor there to help him out, (which is good because they throw him to the wolves on his second day).

After we dropped Tyler off, we went to Ruby Tuesdays to eat for lunch.  You’ll notice a thing. . .It appears, whenever we are with my brother, that we eat out. . .more than “frequently”.

We walked around the mall for a bit, but there really wasn’t anything to see or do, so we came back home and played games.  My brother took it upon himself to teach the little guys “Risk”.  A game of war used to teach “strategy”; which in the eyes of little guys is just another word for “attack!”

Uncle P then decided to treat us to a professional baseball game.  We had a great bird’s-eye view of the game.  As we don’t really care for sports we rooted for any team that happened to be doing well at the moment.

Therefore *our* team was guaranteed to win.  (But don’t ask me what the final score was, as I don’t have the foggiest notion.)

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
Socialization  *  learning to be good hosts
Life Skills  *  working life, learning strategy
“Other”  *  taking in a professional sports game


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