Day 104 — Sept. 2

Not much to say about today.

My brother, Tara and Drew all went to an art gallery and a walk around the area.

I spent the day cooking and doing laundry.  The little guys were busy having wars in the game of Risk.  They were able to go with friends to the pool though, so they didn’t have to wait for me to finish dinner.

We had our last pot luck this evening.  It was kind of bitter-sweet.  It was so fantastic to spend time with such terrific friends, but kind of a bummer knowing that it’s the last one for a season.  (Though it has been requested that we try to do something throughout the school year. . .)

When we arrived home we discovered my parents had made it safe and sound just a half hour before.  (They had gotten stuck in a couple of places due to accidents which had made their trip significantly longer.) 

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming
Socialization  *  spending time with friends
Life Skills  *  strategy building


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