Day 105 — Sept. 3

So, at this point I now have Uncle P, Tara, Daddy, Mom, and Grandma in my home.  What I like to fondly term as a full house.

And when you have that many people together, especially those that are so congenial, it is rather hard to come up with things to do.  But, thankfully, Tara has never been out this way so it was decided to go south to the harbor.

We had lunch at the harbor and then walked around a bit.  Then our group split and four of us went to the book store, and the boys went with Uncle P and Tara on a field trip.

Because I totally believe in substitute teachers taking my kids on field trips.

They went aboard a submarine.

The older boys decided that the navy life is simply too cramped for their style.

By the time we were leaving for home, it was nearing dinner time, so in a fit of spontaneity we stopped for ice cream. . . before supper!

Then we arrived home and were soon met there by Uncle J!  He decided that all of us in one location was just too good to pass up and came for a visit.

Thus, we had a lovely family dinner, and I call this an excellent day!

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  walking
Socialization  *  surrounded by family
Life Skills  *  being good hosts
“Other”  *  field trip to a submarine

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