Day 106 — Sept. 4

Let it be known that my family wakes early.  I mean, this is just the way of it.

Of course, every family has their “odd man out” AKA “Black Sheep” (but, that has a seriously negative connotation).  And my brother is ours (odd man out).

Thus our “early” start for the day didn’t happen till almost 1000.  Even then, we didn’t get out the door till at least 1030.  And everything resembled. . .well, my homeschool room would be a good visual example of how it felt.

So, we ate out for lunch on our way to a civil war sight.

uh-huh!  Another field trip!

We had a bit of a time crunch, as Uncle J went with us, but had to be back by a certain time in order to make his return flight home.  However, we did some serious trekking.

I think my poor Grandma suspects we are trying to walk her to death.

And we saw a great many of the sights.  However, in all honesty, we will need to go back to this sight so the kids can get a greater appreciation for this.  (Because my little guys tend to see big open space + Uncle P as one massive playground.)

Uncle J has always had an interest in Civil War sights. . .That coupled with the late start, our “1.5 mile” hike that turned into something like 3-4 miles, and some other items. . .well, he missed his flight.

And, poor guy, it was the last flight of the day, so he had to stay another night.  And since he had checked out of the hotel he wound up staying at my house, on a blow-up mattress, on the living room floor.

I tell ya, I’m full of class!

So, we effectively doubled our family for one night in our home.

Oh, and we ate out at Red Lobster.  We looked for a good many seafood restaurants, but (1) we don’t know were to look and (2) most of the places we found just sold the stuff and you have to make it.  So, we went to Red Lobster which offended my brother greatly as he is “against” major food chains.  (Not that he doesn’t regularly dine at them, but one has to have things to grumble about.)

Anyway, that is only significant because of our beach trip.  Remember, our week-long beach trip?  Well, I had been thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get a seafood sampler.  You know, just to have an idea of many different sea foods and their different preparations.

I just can’t seem to find anyone that does that. . .

Well, I got a sampler plate at Red Lobster and we ate that.

Which makes Red Lobster. . .ANOTHER field trip!

Subject * Notes
Science  *  sea foods
Social Studies+  *  civil war sight
The “Arts”    
PE  *  walking around the civil war sight
Socialization  *  being with extended family
Life Skills  *  being good, tolerant hosts


One comment on “Day 106 — Sept. 4

  1. stonemark says:

    I want to try the seafood !
    but no time ~~ Good trekking ~

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