Day 108 — Sept. 6

It’s amazing what a day of relaxation can do for a body!  We were all up and ready for *something* rather early, and since it was such a pleasant day we wanted to spend a good deal of it out-of-doors.

So we went to a local mill.

I know, you all are truly impressed with how I can slide in all these field trips with company!

Anyway, the nice things about a mill is that they tend to be located along a lovely river.  And if you are fortunate enough that river will have a lovely shaded trail to walk along beside.

And if you are truly fortunate, that trail will take you to a quaint covered bridge!

Since we were able to get out early, we were able to be back home when the heat of the day was hitting and spent the time relaxing and just enjoying what little time we had left with family that is so dear.

Subject * Notes
English  *  kids read to the folks
Social Studies+  *  mills and their importance
The “Arts”    
PE  *  hiking
Socialization  *  spending time with family
Life Skills  *  being good hosts

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