Day 109 — Sept. 7

This will mainly be a photo posting for the day.

My Daddy, Mom and Grandma (and Baxter) left for home early this morning.  It is one of those bittersweet moments that I think my family can attest to.  You hate to see them go as you love them so dearly, but it’s kind of nice to have your “space” back.

Look what the cat brought in!

In the infamous words of Rose, neighbor-girl down the street, who says this every time she sees a bug,

“Isn’t he so cute!”

However, this little bug put it in my head that even though I was doing laundry today, and even though I was nowhere near ready. . .I should probably *start* school today.

Little pest!

Ahhh, but how is one to start the school year when one is not fully prepared?

Aw, c’mon, there really is only one way.  (Well, I think there are really something like 2, 547, 683, 291 ways to start, but work with me here.)

A science project!

And not just any science project. . .oh, NO!  Something the kids have had their eyes on for a while.  Something that others could join in on the fun with.

Owl pellets!

AKA Owl Puke, as evidenced by the book we were using to discover about such things.

(We are only using the book, this is a kit.)

So, I made a phone call, and then in the morning I had Tyler read some bits from this book to the little guys while I stayed on top of all the laundry. 

Let me tell you, doubling your house occupancy in a weekend = loads, and loads of linens!

And the morning went surprisingly smoothly.  Our friends called us around noon to let us know that they could join in the fun, so it was all set to go.

Of course there was a bit of trepidation about opening these little packages.

But, it didn’t take hardly any time to start finding things to examine.

And some of us would never feel truly ecstatic about this dissection.

But, others of us could truly get into it.

Some real “treasures” were found too!  (It is so hard to find an intact skull, let alone with the lower jaw still attached.)

Some comments to others who may wish to try this:

  • plan on at least 3 hours of activity
  • little people can lose interest quickly. . .even if it is puke
  • soaking the pellets makes it easier to get everything apart; it is messier and it stinks
  • the book is fantastic!

And I was feeling pretty successful about the day.  I mean, after all, one of my goals this year is to be more hands on.  (And to use all the little projects that I have bought over the years that I always manage to forget about.)

Sitting down to dinner and feeling successful. . .that is a good feeling.

Remembering you forgot to get the mail earlier in the day and upon opening the box you find a package in there labeled with your name. . .Now, that’s a treat that will most assuredly surpass dessert.

Even if your crew isn’t sure they want what is in the package.

Some of the best things come in small packages!


Subject * Notes
Science  *  observations, disections, owl study, beginning ant study
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  kids ran around with their friends for an hour or so
Socialization  *  playing with friends
Life Skills    


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