Day 115 — Sep. 13

First day of co-op.

AKA Controlled Chaos

The kids had a blast!  The little guys have choir, Real Science 4 Kids (pre-level) and art (Meet the Masters level A).  Tyler has a Cultural World Geography class (that he is only taking, as he doesn’t need the credit, for the food from each country the teacher is going to bring) and Truth Project.

Anyway, choir is top dog in the little guys’ minds!  Who woulda thunk it???

Our co-op is meeting in the a.m. this year.  So, my plan is to just call it a day afterwards and do the weekly grocery shop.  That way, school is done, but I’m wrapping all the “out” stuff into one day.

Except, this week, it was decided to have friends over afterwards.  Not a decision I regret by any stretch of the imagination.  But, I didn’t go shopping. . .

Best laid plans. . .blown to pieces within hours of “day 1”.

However, I went ahead and did some school work with the boys after our friends left, and all worked itself out dreamily.

The big problem actually turned out to be the fact that I didn’t have Tyler’s school schedule done for the week.  I wanted to put Spanish on it, but I’m having the hardest time getting the program uploaded. . .  Went ahead and printed it off without Spanish for the week.

Subject * Notes
English  *  Writing, literature
Math  *  lesson 123
Science  *  RS4K Chem intro
Social Studies+  *  WCG (world cultural geography), TP (Truth Project)
The “Arts”  *  choir, art
PE  *  Out with lots of kids. . .
Socialization  *  Out with lots of kids. . .
Life Skills    


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