Day 118 — Sep. 16

For the record, way back when I was just homeschooling Drew and Tyler and Garrett and Mikhail were not schooling (or born) we did school in the a.m.

Now it seems I do it in the afternoon.  And it is all for the fact that I can’t stand to run errands in the afternoon.  I prefer to run them in the morning.

The boys don’t seem to care.

So, this morning we ran to Wal*Mart to pick up some items.

Then, we came home and found boxes!  I love boxes!  Especially when they have my name on them.

Now, you must know that I had a school “allotment” for this year.  There was a certain amount of money set aside for our school year.  And after buying our supplies and curricula for the year I realized that I hadn’t even used 1/2 of it.

So, I used a portion of what was left to buy books for the boys to read with science, and some science project type stuff.  But, I still had a healthy remainder. . .

Then, I received an email from Hands and Hearts (back in August).  Now, I do not know if you all remember the CPSIA law that was signed back in 2008.  It sounds like such a good law, but there were some problems with it.  Some rather big problems.  Some stores had to close.  A number of libraries ceased their book sells, and Hands and Hearts closed its “doors” for a bit on their history packages.

I was bummed.

Well, a stay was enacted because of the law until Feb. 2011. Hands and Hearts started selling their history packages again. . .  But, that time is running out.

And I had this money. . .that was specifically designated for school.

What’s a girl to do???

That’s just a teaser photo. . .

Anyway, we got our school work done.  All of us are rejoicing because 4 days into the “regular” schedule of school we are still on track.  That happens so rarely. . .

Our block time today was science.  I know, I know, the boys are doing science in co-op.  But, they like science and they are at the perfect age for certain “fun” science.

Today we discussed the seasons, and their cause.  And then our read-along book was this one:

For the record, I would not recommend this book.  Certainly not if you are a homeschooler, as it is 80% “experiment”.  That same ole experiment that seems to be done 100 bazillion times in the course of school.  (The light on a globe / orange / ball of clay thing.)  If you are not a homeschooler. . .well, I still wouldn’t recommend it.  Not that it’s bad, but I was hoping for more of a story.  Course, if your child is having problems understanding this concept, then the visual review would be a re-enforcing activity.

It took us 4.5 hours to get our school done.  With quite a few breaks.  I’m noticing our “problem” courses are math, writing and grammar.  And the only “problem” is that neither boy wants to write.  They need to get over that!

Subject * Notes
English  *  lang. arts + ch. 7 of Little House in the Big Woods
Math  *  Lessons 126-127
Science  *  seasons
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”  *  listened to music
PE  *  outside play
Life Skills    

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