Day 119 — Sep 17

I’m in the mood to give you an overview of the day. . .

My morning was spent on the phone or on the computer.

The computer was having fits, so I was trying to fix them. . .

I had to talk to our co-op head about some items that need to be dealt with and I also talked with my parents (because I love them).

We had lunch on time and then I sent the little guys out to play, while I prepped for our school day.

So, it was sometime after noon that we started our school day.

We did two lessons in math.  I could move faster, I suppose, as the kids are certainly having no problems.  However, I can’t think of one good reason too, really.

Oh, and lots of times we have music going while we do math, but today Mikhail was cranky and asked for it to be kept off.

But, I do want to say that I’m seeing signs of multiplication readiness from Garrett.  Recently he’s taken to saying things like, “Well, two 8’s is 16 and three 8’s is (pause) 24.”  All on his own.

After math we did our block time, which today says, “co-op homework”.  Our co-op homework was reading chapter 1 of Real Science 4 kids (pre-level).  So we read that.  I will say the one thing that just grated on my nerves with that chapter was this phrase, “. . .can’t be seen by the eyes only.”  I mean, I realize that I’m used to hearing “naked eye” and therefore this just sounds wrong. . .but I asked the boys if they had any idea of what this meant.  Their best guess was that you could feel it  (like a blind person reads braille.)

Then, we did grammar.  Now, if you recall I had said that the boys had three subjects that they weren’t keen on:  math, grammar, and writing.  I also informed you that it was completely due to the writing aspect of it.  So, it should come as no surprise that Garrett was grumbling the entire way through grammar at having to “write so much already today”.

Then, I sent the boys out to play for a 1/2 hour.    They decided to play with scooters as it seems they have destroyed their kites in the last couple of days.  During their time out, I had a nice quiet cup of coffee; discovered that Tyler was “drifting” in his day, again, and got him back on task; and looked at what we had to do next.

The boys came back in from outside and we went upstairs to do “writing”.  Our writing course is Writing With Ease 1.  Today’s assignment was narration.  So, I read them the passage and then they narrated one sentence back to me (I type it on the computer).

Hmm, I guess I should point out that we have “Language Arts” broken down into its individual parts, so you’ll see them listed here as such.

We followed this “intense writing work” with our Bible story reading for the day.  We are normally scheduled to do one Bible reading for the week, but this week had us doing it every day (in order to finish the book in 36 weeks).

After Bible we did our phonics workbook page:  word families.  This was then followed by our literature (Chapter 8 of Little House in the Big Woods), and then by the phonics reading and textual reading.

And while I was working on the boys’ reading individually the other brother went in to have snack.

The final school work for the day was the reading worksheet.  Drawing a complete blank right now as I know this has a “name” but I have forgotten it. . .  The proper verb choice like, “Tom (like, likes) candy.”  or “I (like, likes) to run.”

By the way, if I were honestly saying that second sentence. . .it would be a complete lie, regardless of your verb choice.

At this point school was done at 1545.

I had managed to talk Jay into ordering pizza tonight, so he went to collect that at a little after 5.  After dinner, I cut hair.  That was the plan.  I was going to cut Mikhail and Garrett’s hair in one nice short “do” that would last them for the next ~ 3 months.  Except Jay then says he wants his hair cut too.  So it took me twice as long as I had intended.

After that I got on the computer again to tried to fix what is NOT happening.  I am trying to install Switched on Schoolhouse for Tyler to do his language studies, but first you have to install another disk.  And it keeps refusing to do so.  And of course, I can’t get tech support on the line, so I’m starting to get a little bit peeved.  More so because I suspect that I know what the problem is, but can’t find the solution.  So, this means Tyler will be without his language, again, next week, while I try to get hold of tech support so they can tell me how to fix this. . .annoyance.

For the record, I suspect this is a BIG problem.  I suspect that because the very first page on their quick install guide is “tech support”.  “Tech support” is typically the very last page in a quick-start guide because normally it should never really be a problem.  The fact that it is the first tells me it is an all-too-frequent problem and I find myself wondering. . . .Why in the world haven’t you fixed this yet?!!!  (After all my disk was printed in 2009.)

Subject * Notes
English  *  language arts, ch. 8 LHBW
Math  *  lessons 127, 128
Science  *  ch. 1 RS4K
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”    
PE  *  scooter
Life Skills    


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