Day 121 — Sep 19

I really don’t like those days where you are busy all day long. . .and seemingly have nothing to show for it.

We went to church.  Garrett is moving up into the older class and the teachers are willing to work with him given his current reading skills.  The big thing is the child is so tall, he felt like a monster in his previous class with everyone else so small.  (The only one close to his height is Mikhail. . .)

We’ll see how it goes, but we already have homework.

I told the boys that I had to get on the computer today and not to expect me to get off.  That pretty much happened, but at this point, I don’t even remember what exactly I intended to get on for.  I”m hoping I accomplished at least some of it.

Actually, I know I did.  One of the things I had to do was get onto iTunes and order some music for my co-op classes.  And that is where I got stuck!  I mean, you are looking for a piece of music and first you have to weed through all the ones that someone stuck lyrics to.  Then, you have to determine if you want string, or wind instruments, or whole orchestras for the piece in question. . .

Not to mention the whole using google translator to find the music pieces.  Because you could look something up with its English name and that really isn’t the piece you wanted at all.

Anyway, that took the majority of my day.  I do know that I was supposed to be doing other things as well, but darned if I know whether or not I did them or even what they are!

But my “positive note” (pun intended) for the day is that I managed to find all my music for the year!  The WHOLE YEAR!  Ta-da!

The rest I hope will reveal itself to me, kindly, tomorrow.  (As opposed to “forcefully” when I suddenly remember something that needed to be done before 0900 or something along those lines.)

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”    
PE  *  football / soccer / tag / roller hockey
Socialization  *  with friends
Life Skills    


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