Day 122 — Sep 20

Yesterday was a co-op day.

The boys, especially Mikhail, have been running a countdown since last week.  So, it was no surprise to me when Mikhail tumbled out of bed at 0610 and asked me if he could start packing up his backpack.

However, it was somewhat a surprise for him that he had to wait almost 3 full hours till co-op started.

Yesterday morning was hectic for me in the getting ready department.  I really don’t like that feeling.  I hope I am more together next week.

The boys are very happy with all their classes, but choir is still number one.

Tyler has geography, which he is happy with as he gets food from each country they are studying.  (He has decided that paella is not something he would like to eat a lot of though.)  The Truth Project class that he is in. . .I’m not sure he’s liking.  He most assuredly does not like the DVD teacher.  He says he can’t follow the train of thought and the guy moves too quickly.  He’s really a bit peeved right now as he has a 2-page paper to write for the class on the DVD topic of yesterday. 

My class is supposed to listen to a piece of music every week.  And that created all sorts of technical difficulties.  First, the CD I burned refused to play in the CD player.  (Luckily, I found that out at home, so I was able to bring my laptop.)   BUT, my laptop. . .the sound is really iffy on that.  Sometimes it  will play fine, and others it will be as if the volume is somehow being muted (as if a blanket was thrown on top of it), even though the volume is completely maxed out.  Of course, yesterday in class it played as if it was muted.  The piece was “Hoe-Down” by Aaron Copeland. . .which does not inspire in muted tones.  I need to figure that one out.

I have asked that another take over the secretarial job at the co-op and another mother agreed.  That was a nice relief!

We had friends over again for “dinner” (lunch time).  There is that 15 minutes of rush right when we get home, but then this amazing calm that ensues with good friends and good food.

Can’t beat that! 

The boys spent the afternoon outside playing while I was on the phone with tech support getting Tyler’s language CDs up and running.  Then, I got it all scheduled out. . .

And then, I was mentally beat.

After supper I read to the little guys.  Jay was moaning and groaning about why I get to read The Little House in the Big Woods and he always has to read something like, What Is a Wookie? 


I took a 4 mile walk to wind my evening out.

Subject * Notes
English  *  Lit.
Science  *  labs for RS4K ch. 1
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”  *  art and choir
PE  *  outside play
Socialization  *  friends over for dinner
Life Skills  *  being good hosts


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