Day 124 — Sep 22


Something in the air. . .isn’t!  I know because for the first day in what seems like a month I finally felt “normal”.  That’s a good feeling.

We just had a sudden storm pop up.  Pretty serious there for like 2 minutes, but now it is over.  Had some seriously odd timing as it happened just as we were finishing Clash of the Titans.  (There is a lot of thunder and lightning in that movie.)

I need to get Jay those earphones that amplify everything.  If I don’t I have the feeling that just a couple more movie nights and the rest of my family will be deaf. . .Goodness, he has to have things loud!

Anyway, we managed to get all our school work done.  I was telling Jay that I can’t figure it, but for years it never seemed like I got everything done, but this year I’m not only getting things done but having time at the end of the day to myself.

It’s a good feeling!

Okay, so for block time today we were supposed to do art, but I forgot and did science instead.  We read this book:

It was so-so.  I have a much better experiment for seeds than the one they suggest in here.  (Mine is a heck of a lot simpler and not near as messy.)  Anyway the boys do my experiment every year (cuz it’s cool) so they were okay just reading the book.

For Sunday school Garrett has to memorize the books of the Old Testament.  So, I just wrapped it into our school day.  Thus, Mikhail is learning them too.

And during Mikhail’s recitation of the first five books I was treated to this,

“Genesis, Exodus, Levit-o-kiss, Letters, and Dueteromony


Subject * Notes
English  *  language arts
Math  *  lesson 130 – 131
Science  *  seeds
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”    
PE  *  outside play
Life Skills  *  Tyler at work


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