Day 125 — Sep 23

Noticing that I seem to have a more relaxed schedule of late I determined to do some housecleaning.

The only problem with cleaning house is that you soon discover how messy / dirty it is.


I also did laundry, and in the process of folding something dawned on me.

See, I fold the clothes on my bed.  It sort of helps to get them put away as I generally like to sleep in my bed at night. . .

And, if you notice, I have six piles on my bed.  One for every member of the family.

Except yesterday it dawned on me that sooner, rather than later, I will be down to only five piles on my bed.

And that forced a “pause”. . .

School was not very productive yesterday.  Math took way too long, the kids kept flying out the door. . .

So, yesterday we managed math, art and literature.

Thank goodness I am not tied to a 5-day-a-week school schedule!

Subject * Notes
English  *  ch 10 of LHBW
Math  *  lessons 132-133
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”  *  lines
PE  *  1.5 hour bike ride with Jay (includes stop at playground)
Life Skills  *  house cleaning


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