Day 128 — Sep 26

(So, I’m writing this Monday morning as I realized I had forgotten to do this last night.   Actually, I think it was forgetfulness; rather a line to get on the computer. . .)

So yesterday was raining / drizzly / gray, and I decided more than anything that my crew and myself just needed a “down” day.  Everybody was good with that.

Our church was having a special program that I did not care to attend so we stayed home.  Everyone except for Tyler who did go to church just so he could meet up with friends (as he had plans with them in the afternoon).

The little guys played computer games in the morning, and then went up to their room to play. . .”something”.  And that “something” was 1.5 hours of bliss!

About one I grabbed the remaining kids to go shopping.  I had a couple of goals in mind. . .to get the shopping done, and to be out of the house while Jay had his study group over.

Our shopping consisted of going to the eye ware store because Drew had an “accident” with his glasses on Thursday.  (Someone stepped on them. . .)  We were figuring this would take some time so we went there first.  They were done in less than 3 minutes!

Then, we went to the craft store in order to pick up some supplies I need for my class.  And that didn’t take long either.  As a last resort I stopped at the office supply store. . .

We made it home right when Jay’s study group was getting together.  And I was feeling bad, because I had been hoping to have the kids out of his way. . .

Except, when we came inside I noticed there was a little girl sitting on my couch whom I’ve never seen before.  It seems one of the women in Jay’s group is a single mom and brought her child to group with her. . .

So, she and the boys played tag outside while it was not raining.  And then another friend came over to join them.  And after the new girl left the friend stayed to play for a couple of hours.

At one point another couple came over and we sat and talked on the back deck and just enjoyed their company.  Then, suddenly, there were two more kids in my back yard. . .

After dinner I went for a walk with a friend.

But, my relaxing day (other than the shopping and visiting mentioned above) was spent reading a non-school related book.  Read the whole thing. . .376 pages.  It was easy reading. . .don’t know that I’d recommend the book though.  It has a lot of really good possible struggles / hardships, but the author dealt with them rather. . .”softly”.

Jay read the last chapter of Little House in the Big Woods to the boys.

Subject * Notes
English  *  last chapter of LHBW
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  Outdoor play
Socialization  *  new and old friends
Life Skills    


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