Day 129 — Sep 27

Another drizzly day.

We went to co-op and survived.  Better than normal actually.  It is amazing to me how insanely busy one can be there.  For example, I only have one class (in the middle).  Yet, between helping others prep for their classes, and then cleaning up afterwards from everyone’s class it seems I have very little down time.

Friends came over for lunch again.  They brought over a home-made cake which was delicious.  Except, Jay in his typical fashion, cut overly large pieces (he’s getting worse at this with age).  I don’t know that he’ll do that again any time soon.  The cake was rather dense, and when I looked over at him he looked to be in pain trying to finish it.

After they left at 2:30 I was too “wasted” to do much of anything else.  Between the weather and the allergy medicine, I’m dying.

Subject * Notes
Science  *  experiment RS4K Ch. 2
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”  *  choir and art (color wheel)
Socialization  *  luncheon with friends
Life Skills    


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