Day 130 — Sep 28

Okay, I now have a collection of allergy medicines in the medicine cabinet, none of which seem to work.

Except that is, for the ole standby, Benadryl. . .which totally wipes me off my feet.

We went grocery shopping in the a.m.  Mikhail was in an absolutely foul mood, so I gave him a small bit of the courtesy coffee they have at the front of the store (it is caffeinated).  Totally turned the kid around!  Plus, he suddenly seemed to have an excess amount of energy. . .

Why doesn’t caffeine work with me like it does him?

By the time we got home I could hardly see straight.  I was completely wiped out and my cheek bones felt like they were going to explode, so I too a nap, but it wasn’t near as long as I really wanted. . .

I was groggy the rest of the afternoon and only managed to get some literature in for school.

How sad is that?

The boys went over to a friend’s house in the afternoon to play for about an hour.  It was lovely without the rain. . .

I spent two + hours in the evening sorting floss. . .it was honestly about the only thing I was good for.

Took a Benadryl in the hope that having it at night would have lingering effect in the morning.

Subject * Notes
English  *  lit:  Tailor of Glousceter
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  outdoor play
Socialization  *  playing at a friend’s house
Life Skills    


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