Day 132-133 — Sep 30 and Oct. 1

Okay, so we lost internet for a bit due to heavy (incessant, torrential, etc.) rains.

And right now I don’t feel like trying to figure out exactly what happened on what day, so I’m going to do another picture post.

Oh, guess what? 

Our basement flooded, again

Only a minor “wetting”.

But given that this was occurring at the same time as the rain, I thought it wise to keep an eye on it. . .

Except it is very hard for me to see when things are getting worse or better, so I had the kids go down with their sidewalk chalk and mark the boundaries.  They thought that was great fun and pretended they were map-makers.


Speaking of maps. . .

If you are a map-maker and you make, say, a map of the 13 colonies, and you have Vermont and Maine listed on your map. . .

You ARE wrong!  (Honestly the whole 15 states thing should have been a dead give away for ya.)

And some of you may laugh, but go ahead and do a search. . .

It is not that uncommon!

(Note: the province of Maine was part of Massachusetts, so the land marking. . .okay, but don’t label it!)

Additionally, there was no western boundary given for most of the colonies (other than the western ocean). . .STOP drawing it in!  Draw the Appalachian’s and give the kids an opportunity to see the power a mountain range has.

One last thing:  it is just plain silly to draw historical maps without major rivers included.  If you don’t believe me, look at where people settled, look at where major battles occurred, think about the fact that water is highly important to people, plants and animals!


*ahem* rant over

The boys made “pomanders”.

And a friend found a snail in their basement and kept it to give to me.  (Wasn’t that just sweet?)

I can tell you down to the genus that it is an Oxychilus, but I’m not certain after that. . .

Subject * Notes
English  *  language arts
Math  *  calendar activities
Science  *  review ch. 1 & 2 RS4K and read ch. 3
Social Studies+  *  books of OT
The “Arts”  *  texture homework for art
PE  *  outside play whenever possible
Socialization  *  outdoor play with friends
Life Skills  *  issues with owning a house

One comment on “Day 132-133 — Sep 30 and Oct. 1

  1. se7en says:

    Well I missed you!!! Glad to know you are alive and well and didn’t float off with the ark!!! Lots of love!!!

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