Day 134 — Oct. 2

The weather has gotten cooler and when I went up to put the kids to bed earlier this week I was noticing that their big blankets were missing.

I mean, normally, in the summer time, I just fold their big blankets up and stick them at the bottom of their bed (because we just don’t have space to store them).  But, they were certainly missing.

Then, I remembered that Jay had taken them off their beds. . .for reasons unbeknownst to me.

Well, now they were missing. 

So, all week-long, whenever I had the chance I would look for those blankets in yet another local.  And, all week-long I was coming up with goose-eggs. . . (And it’s not like they are little blankets, either.)

This morning, I determined to find those blankets if it was the last thing I did!

I succeeded!  I found them, after a great deal of searching, in one of Jay’s work cabinets of all places.  They only excuse he can come up with is that they must have been downstairs during our first basement flood and that caused him someone to shove them in the cabinet.

Oh, but while I was down there, I noticed a couple of things.

Number one:  Jay has too much junk down there!

No, really, I kid you not.  For example, he has 1 wardrobe, 2 Army duffels, 1 ruck sack, 1 large Rubbermaid bin (and other misc. items floating about that don’t fit in bins) full of Army gear!  FULL!

Mind you, the man is no longer in the army.  Most of those uniforms are no longer within regulation (meaning he, or anyone else, couldn’t wear them if they wanted to).  So, why do we have this stuff???

Because the man is “sentimental”.

Which is simply code for “nasty-ole-pack-rat”.

He is also “flexible”, which is code for “fickle”, but that’s a story for another day.

He also has an entire room section of scrap wood down there.  I mean, I think we have enough down there to create a couple of pieces of furniture.

Lastly, due to the basement flooding he has all his crap tools out of his cabinets and on top of our ping-pong table, and all of everyone else’s stuff in his cabinets.

Number two: it was probably a good time to go through the boys’ seasonal clothes.

Well, this turned out to be a serious undertaking as nothing was where it was supposed to be.  And because I had been searching high and low for those blankets I had discovered that the few things that I had organized down there had been. .  .re-arranged.

So, 4+ hours and 3 loads of laundry later I emerged somewhat “victorious” from the basement.  I had managed to sort all the boys’ clothes and figure out what fit and what didn’t and re-organized all their bins.

I even managed to control myself and not throw out all of Jay’s junk. . .but I don’t suspect I’ll remain virtuous for much longer.

Then, I spent an hour with Tyler on Spanish.  He is so grumpy about that!

The boys had a friend over to play and then we all went for a walk to deliver our community newsletter.

And it was on that walk that our poor dog was attacked, yet again, by another dog.  I could not get a single kick on that other dog, nor do anything, it seemed, to save ours.  Luckily, the other dog never got a solid bit on anything but fur.

The owner witnessed the whole thing and was finally able to capture her dog and was ever so apologetic and volunteered to take my dog to the vet and pay for it and everything.  But, my dog, other than being scared, was unhurt.  It took me quite some time to settle down and stop berating myself for being so ineffectual at protecting our dog.

This is like the 4th time our poor mutt has been attacked on a walk.  We were discussing it last night and all 4 times were done by dogs that are mostly indoor dogs (only going out for their business).  We figure their rage stems from seeing Inigo taking 4 long walks around the neighborhood every day.

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
Socialization  *  Playing with friends
Life Skills  *  working for the betterment of your community
“Other”  *  Spanish


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