Day 137 — Oct. 5

Vet appointment this morning for the dog.

I tell ya, that dog!  Okay so, legitimately, he is now “shy” of other dogs, but my goodness!  Every time he saw another dog in the vet office, he would start whining. . .which seems to me just asking to get picked on.


Then we came home and I had to confirm all the other appointments that we have for this week.

Suddenly, it was lunch time, so we ate.  Jay arrive home so I chatted with him for a bit, thus, we never actually got to school-work till almost 1330.

We had health again today.  I know I’ve said it, but that book is way too advanced for kids (the reading part).  Jay was having fits in the other room listening to it. . .and I had toned it down and skipped parts for the guys.  Garrett definitely got it; Mikhail not so much.  (It didn’t help that Mikhail heard his father’s disbelief at this book, so he chose to stop listening.)

Anyway, today was fats.  It is actually a topic my children are all aware of, as we have to watch such things to Jay’s diet.  The kids liked the experiment (though I think that has as much to do with the food involved as anything else).

For the record, we don’t ever have mayonnaise in the house.  So, we used lite Miracle Whip.  I’m thinking that may have made a bit of a difference. . .


We took about a 3 hour break and the kids had friends over to play out-of-doors.

We actually managed to finish our school work right about bed-time.


Subject * Notes
English * language arts
Math * lessons 138 & 139 + calendar
Science * health:  fats
Social Studies+ * books of the OT
The “Arts”    
PE * outdoor play
Socialization * with friends
Life Skills    


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