Day 139 — Oct. 7

Today was my first scheduled day home this week.  I don’t know how other people do it because, by this morning, I was feeling dragged down, overwhelmed and overworked.

And I merely had two days worth of school work in front of me. . .

(Remember, yesterday was so long away that we accomplished hardly anything.)

We managed to get it all done!  Not only that, but it was essentially done without tears, or fussing.  The boys even had 3 tests (math, phonics, reading) and got A’s on all of them!

Didn’t get to any laundry though. . .

Wound up taking Tyler to work though.  He’s worked there for over a month, and has yet to get paid.  The boss just told him that he didn’t have all the paperwork completed, and needed to do that.

The boss also told him that 2 other people just quit. . .

I can’t imagine why.

So, he filled out all the paperwork there.  We’ll just see what happens.

Subject * Notes
English  *  lang. arts
Math  *  test & les. 142, calendar activities
Social Studies+  *  OT books of the Bible
The “Arts”    
PE  *  outdoor play at a park. . .
Socialization  *  with friend’s
Life Skills    


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