Day 140 — Oct. 8

Maybe you are just thinking to yourself,

“What about those ants?”

Because I am quite sure that is something that is pressing on your mind. 😉

Well, a great deal of them have died.  And after a period of time the living ants created a cemetery of sorts and drug all the dead ants there.

And they started to rot.


This is really the least “gaggy” of the photos I took, because I just couldn’t do that to my readers. . .

Anyway, I was getting rather grossed out with this whole cemetery thing, so I stuck the ant farm in the frig.

I know, I know, bizarre, right?  Well, ants tend to get sluggish when cold and I needed sluggish.

After 5 – 10 minutes I grabbed the farm, along with a spoon, and dashed outside to remove the offending cemetery.

And while  I am quite certain that those that had “passed” are, in fact, resting in peace, the others were mightily cranky that I had messed with their homestead.  (PS  Ants only remain “sluggish” for, at most, 1 minuteEspecially when you are messing with their home.)

I had to take Tyler in to the doctor yesterday (just a check-up), so that ate up some time.  They also did blood work to test him for nut allergies.  Not that we think he is allergic to “nuts”, but he does seem to have a reaction to cashews (specific nut).

The little guys did some school work, but we’ll have to do some more over the weekend.

Subject * Notes
English  *  literature, grammar
Math  *  lessons 143, 144
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  bike ride
Life Skills    


One comment on “Day 140 — Oct. 8

  1. monkeyschool says:

    lol…we did the ants one year and had the same results.

    We moved on to a couple of frogs and had better success although I ended up letting it out in the pond when it got too big….and this past year we hatched ‘eggbert’ a quail.

    Any ideas for this year?

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