Day 141 — Oct. 9

We had to spend a couple of hours today doing schoolwork that we had not finished during the week.

It wouldn’t have taken near as long except for the fact that Mikhail was having fit after fit after fit of. . .nothing.  The child was just grumpy and couldn’t control himself.  Nothing was going the way he felt it should.  But we finally managed to finish.

Then, I had to run and pick up Tyler from work.  Once I got him home and fed we sat down to do his Spanish.

And, then I had to listen to him grumble and carry on!  Yeesh!

So, after about a 1/2 hour I stopped with him and set him to complete his other work. 

He’s about to get behind again if he doesn’t watch it.  And that will cost him his job.  (The deal we struck when he got his job was that he would stay on top of his schoolwork.)

I spent my “free” time yesterday going through one of Tyler’s history books and creating questions to go along with it.  One done and nine more to go. . .

just shoot me now!

Drew was great with the younger guys yesterday.  He took them to the park, then played chess with Garrett and chinese checkers with Mikhail.  Even read them some stories at bedtime.  That was so nice to see!

He even talked to them about going to the library Monday afternoon.

I’m liking this child again.

Subject * Notes
English  *  last of the week’s language arts
Math  *  calendar activities
Science  *  RS4K ch. 4 reading.  Was supposed to complete workbook pages for Ch. 3, but it is all experiments, and they aren’t outlined in the student’s workbook.
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  outdoor play at park, and over at a friend’s
Socialization  *  with a friend
Life Skills    


One comment on “Day 141 — Oct. 9

  1. Anonymous says:

    They always get super nice just when they’re leaving!

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