Day 144 — Oct. 12

Writing this late. . .

Day 2 that is missing.  They did not induce Tara on the 11th like they had said they would.  They are now supposed to induce her today. . .Thus, still waiting.

Spent the day running errands.

Boys went with Drew to the library, and then had a birthday party to go to.

One of our errands was the grocery store.  We went to the smaller of the two.  They now have digital price “stickers” on the racks.  Looks so high-tech.  They appear to have some glitches too, as we were having problems figuring out the price / unit.  (Don’t have a clue what their “units” are. . . )

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  outside play
Socialization  *  birthday party
Life Skills  *  errands, unit pricing in grocery store.

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