Day 158 — Oct. 26

Garrett wants to know why God made bugs.  I have explained the food chain, but he still doesn’t see their purpose.  I have explained bees and how beneficial they are, and he still thinks they don’t need to exist.  But he was satiated with the answer of, “Maybe He just wanted people to take a moment to see the tiny things.”

What would be your answer?

So, today we hit the grocery store, made an apple pie, and did some school.

School to an unholy FOR-E-VER!

Oh-my-goodness!  We waited 20 minutes for Mikhail to write one sentence,

“Mother Cat had three kittens.”

He just couldn’t get the “c” right.

His writing is beautiful though.

Don’t know if you can see it here, but Garrett’s is on the left and Mikhail’s is on the right.

The little boys had heard about my class’s activity in co-op yesterday and asked if they could do it too.

It’s completely the eye-droppers that make this activity fun.

The plan is to make caramel apples tomorrow.

Somehow, no one is sick of apples yet. . .


Subject * Notes
English  *  Language arts
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”  *  water-color bleeding.
PE  *  wrestling (you know, in the house, where they are not supposed to)
Life Skills    


One comment on “Day 158 — Oct. 26

  1. se7en says:

    Oh completely about the droppers – I love seeing the stuff you guys do!!!

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