Day 159 — Oct. 27

I do hope that you don’t mind if this is mainly a picture post.  Time is escaping me.

Due to apple picking last week we are a bit off schedule for this week.  So, we did health today.

2.5 hours later

(Thought it was a stupid experiment)

Someone found his way onto our blog:

He was horribly camera-shy (and, I think, on his last breath of life), but we now know that this creature is the caterpillar of the Giant Leopard Moth.  You can kind of see the red bands if you look close (all those pictures came out horribly fuzzy, and the caterpillar must be wet, as his bristles showed white).  Anyway, forgive the poor picture.

We worked hard at our school work today.  It took the little guys 6 HOURS to get done.  Actually, it took Mikhail 6 HOURS.  He is proving himself to be an insufferable perfectionist.  I will have to teach him, and this is so sad, that a great number of things are simply “good enough”.  Other things can require perfection, but sitting for 10 minutes while the child rubs a hole in his paper with his eraser in an effort to achieve the perfect “6”. . .

Have a glorious day!

Subject * Notes
English  *  language arts, (it was a rainy day, and we read a story called “rain, rain, rain” — purely coincidental)
Math  *  lessons 153 – 154
Science  *  caterpillar identification; Health: vitamins
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
Life Skills  *  caramel apples (YUM!)


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