Day 160 — Oct. 28

I made applesauce in the crock pot. . .You’ll have to take my word for it, because it all disappeared before I could get a picture of the final product.

And yes, we still have oodles of apples. . .

The time consumed by Mikhail’s neatness factor is starting to weigh heavily on me.  Any suggestions on how to knock it down, without making him feel horrible about wanting to be neat?

Wow, to have a kid WANT to be neat. . .and to consider that a major problem.  How’s that for ya?

Today was art, which resulted in tears on Garrett’s part.  He didn’t quite “understand” (listen to) the directions and when I informed him that he wasn’t doing it right. . .well, that was all she wrote in the “holding-it-together” department.

Anyway, the project was to make 2 squares using “line” as the design, and then to use two squares using two lines each and creating a picture from it.

Mikhail’s above and Garrett’s below.

Today took too long too.  But, we started at a decent hour, so it didn’t go all the way till supper time.

Subject * Notes
English  *  language arts
Math  *  Lessons 155 & 156
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”  *  line drawings
PE  *  lots of outdoor play
Life Skills    

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