Day 164 — Nov. 1


What a day.  Absolutely nothing happened on time; yet, it all got done.

We arrived to co-op late, and then discovered the dish I had promised to make was due today rather than the 8th like I had thought. . .


Other than that, co-op went fine.  I was busily employed the entire time and even managed to squeeze in a walk to the bank and the pharmacy (to pick up Tyler’s epi-pen for his new-found nut allergy).

Then, we had surprise company for lunch.  Which knocked me off schedule again, but I decided to just breathe and enjoy myself.

And, then I dashed off to the store. 

And somehow, managed to make it back home before the major traffic hour (which I still can’t fathom, as I was certainly in the right time-frame for “rush-hour”).

Oh!  I positively can not believe I did not have my camera with me at the grocery store!  For on our way home we were stuck at this light FOR-EVER, and we saw a groundhog (woodchuck) waddling quite close to us as well as two does (deer)!

REALLY!  And I without my camera!

My evening will be spent vegging. . .

Subject * Notes
Science  *  RS4K
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”  *  art, choir
Socialization  *  friends over
Life Skills    


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