Day 184-190 — Nov. 21-27

Well, okay, hopefully this is the last daily “group” post I do. . .

Last week was Thanksgiving week.  I have to tell you I’m a huge believer in the whole “week” idea of Thanksgiving.  None of this Wed. through Thurs. business for me.  I need a whole week to prepare if I’m fixing dinner.  And if I’m not fixing dinner. . .then we are visiting family.

Let’s see, I left on Sunday, Nov. 21 and all we did that day was clean house and rest (some of us were fighting the sniffles).

Monday, Nov. 22

Well, that was a day!  We had 50 guests in our home. 


I was so thankful the day was gorgeous, because it certainly did not seem like that many.  (Course it could have been because 3/5ths of the guests were under 4 feet tall.)

I was also tremendously grateful because when all was said and done, it only took me about 10 minutes to get the house straightened again.

These lovely people are invited over any time!

So, this counts as socialization and life skills.

Tuesday, Nov. 23

A day of travel.  There is absolutely no scholastic value in these days.  I mean, sometimes the kids read, or watch a movie, or do license plate gathering, but by the end of the day your brain is so numb I don’t know that it qualifies.

Wednesday – Friday, Nov. 24 – 26

(It’ll just be easier to group these.)

Time at Oma and Opa’s!  Glorious time indeed.  There are so many activities the boys do whilst there, especially if the weather is nice, as it was our first couple of days.

So, there was much walking.

No pictures because we were essentially walking the dogs, and it’s near impossible to walk the dog and take a picture.

There were times at the park.

There were times of puzzle piecing.

There were also times of basketball and swimming. 

No pictures, because Jay can never remember to take the camera.

There were times of just piddlin’ around.

There were times of feasting.

And there were also times were I discovered just were certain aspects came down the line.

Definitely counts as PE, and socialization.

Saturday, Nov. 27

Mind-numbing, butt-mushing travel day home.

I arrived home to find a letter from Drew, and a phone message. 

Apparently, our postal service is slower than I had feared.  I sent a letter expecting him to receive it in no less than 4 days (which would have been plenty of time given that we can drive to his location in a day) telling him that we were going to be at Oma and Opa’s for Thanksgiving, and he still didn’t get it in time.

The sad thing is, his letter is requesting information that he needs by the 30th, and I have absolutely no way to get it to him by then.

I miss him.

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  oodles of
Socialization  *  oodles of
Life Skills  *  totally

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