Day 191 — Nov. 28

Well, I was busy all day long.

I don’t get it.  I did all our laundry before I left my folks house, and yet the first day we are back, I have 3 more loads to do.

The boys and I went grocery shopping.  The larger of the two commissaries we frequent is currently undergoing renovation.  Completely wreaks havoc on my lovely, by-the-aisle, grocery list.  However, this is greatly improving the boys skills.  They have to run to try to find something that has been moved, so they work on their reading.  Then, I’m forever asking them if they are picking up the best-priced product, so they are seriously learning that whole “by-the-ounce” product pricing.

Tyler was at home working on a paper that is due Monday for co-op.  He also has a test that is due for co-op Monday. . .

When we got home I sent the little ones outside.  There is nothing worse than two little busy-bodies inside after being cooped up in a car for 11 hours the day prior.

And, I’m just now remembering that I forgot to read their co-op science for them. . .and they are in bed.


Subject * Notes
English  *  reading
Math  *  product pricing
Social Studies+  *  Tyler worked on his Truth Project paper, and his WCG test
The “Arts”  *  little guys did their spin art
PE  *  outside play
Life Skills  *  shopping


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