Day 192 — Nov. 29

This morning was co-op and we were late out the door.  Yet, we were still the second ones there.

I would say, “See what happens when you give a homeschooler a break.”  Except last week most of our group did not get a break as they had to go in for choir.

One of the ladies was absent so I helped out her time slot 1st hour.  2nd hour is my time slot, but I had one of the other moms come up and ask to relieve me.

Which was kind of odd given that I am the “head” teacher for my class and. . .I didn’t ask to be relieved.

My look of confusion must have screamed at her, because she said something along the lines of I needed to scoot as my kid had just barfed. . .

So, scoot I did; downstairs to the boy bathroom to discover Garrett had completely bypassed the three toilets and determined to use the sink instead.


During the clean-up time I had the pleasure of listening to the squeals and groans from the upper level chemistry class (whose science experiment consisted of chewing up bread and spitting it out) whilst praying another male person did not deem it necessary to make it into the bathroom where there was already a nasty mess in the sink, and a female to boot.

Thankfully, prayers are answered.

After all was said and done, I did a mad dash upstairs to ask my assistants to take over the class for me, then downstairs to grab Garrett’s stuff and let his brothers know they were riding home with friends all the while having to field questions of, “Where are you off to in such a rush.”

Everybody just loved my answer, and I think the entire church was sanitized by day’s end.  (Because I’m surrounded by germ-o-phobes.)

This afternoon / evening were . . .

Well, honestly!  What do you do with a kid that is sick?

We managed to read the whole script for our co-op play.

Subject * Notes
English  *  play reading
Science  *  RS4K chem (essentially for Mikhail only)
Social Studies+  *  WCG and Truth project for Tyler
The “Arts”  *  choir, art (for Mikhail only)
Life Skills    


One comment on “Day 192 — Nov. 29

  1. se7en says:

    Oh strength to you… there is nothing worse (well realistically… few things worse) than a barfing kid!!! I shouldn’t say this but I have never had one do it out in the world – euch… Ours are always in the dead of night all over the bedding and siblings and – lets not go there… Otherwise I am sorry you are missing your big boy so much – sob gasp!!! I know it is a blink away and mine will be out in the world….

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