Day 194 — Dec. 1

Okay, the year is almost over!  Why is it that I’m always surprised when that happens?

This month started off as a doozy.  I was up at oh-dark-thirty (it was really 0338) with Mikhail for his first bout of puking.  Then, I was able to get up two more times in the next 1.5 hours.

End of day note:  Mikhail is fine.  He was able to eat all his food today without issue. . .

Garrett is doing better too, in fact I would say he’s 95%.

So, I should have done school with them.  Yep, I shoulda.

Except I was still in the process of getting our new computer up and running.  And transferring files.  I’m amazed at how long that is taking, and I haven’t even started on the photo files!  I will be working on file transfers well throughout tomorrow too.

Mikhail did finish his art work homework.  And both of them even went outside to take a long walk with Jay.

Health is making its way back to our household.

Got another letter from Drew yesterday.  He has yet to receive any of our letters.  (We’ve sent three.)  You can tell in this letter he is feeling abandoned.

I want to go find the postal person that is responsible for this and rip them a new hole, south of the equator!

Not that I suffer from pent-up aggression or anything like that. . .I’m merely a mom.

But, honestly!  Two and a half weeks and still he has yet to receive my first letter!  He’s a mere 9 hour drive from our house, and a letter can’t make it from here to there in 2.5 weeks!


*deep breath*

Tomorrow is a new day.

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”  *  city-scape
PE  *  walk
Life Skills    


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