Day 200 — Dec. 7

It’s my birthday, and as a rule we do not do school on birthdays.

And because my birthday is close to Christmas, yet not quite there, it is normally the landmark point for the Holiday.  (Meaning Christmas does not normally start in our house till December the 8th.)

However, this year I thought I would go ahead and break with tradition and start putting up Christmas stuff.

I love putting up Christmas ornaments!  It is like seeing old friends again after a long separation.

And I want you to know that WordPress has given me problems with uploading these photos.  I started last night (the 7th) and just now finish on the morning of the 8th, and I had to upload them individually!  Egads!

So, I wanted to share some of our “friends” with you.

PS  I took a lot of these photos on a red box, thinking to be festive, but. . .

Our ornaments tend to have a story with each one.  Thus, when they are put on the tree the story is retold.  And stories are always best when they start at the beginning.

It’s always good to remember the “reason for the season”.  And this one maybe should have gone first, but I didn’t start collecting ornaments until we got married.

This one is Drew’s first Christmas ornament.  I threw it on the tree simply for the sake of the picture, but it is now off awaiting Drew’s return home for him to put up.  You put a Christmas light in the back of it and the window lights up with stars.

Tyler’s first Christmas.  (And just so you know I have all this written down on the boxes the ornaments came in so I wouldn’t forget, as the ornaments themselves are rather vague.)

Then, there was a period of time where I was “eclectic”.   (And most of these ornaments aren’t worth posting about.) 

At least one silver bell should be on every tree though — you know, because of the song.

My Mom kinda collects angels, and she gave me this set of four angel ornaments.

(What!?  You only see three?  Yes, well, she is a collector of angels and one of the set hangs upon her tree.)  😉

And, at this point I think someone was trying to tell me I needed to start a collection of my own. . .

Then, we moved to England.

Garrett was born and received his first ornament.

And then I struck upon a wonderful idea!  I would collect ornaments from each country we visited.

Churches and chimes were a perfect thing for England.  And the chimes ring pretty regularly on our tree between the kids and the cats.  😉

Then, Mikhail came on the scene. . .but before his first Christmas we moved.  And our lovely English friends gave us a one of a kind ornament for our tree, made by their mother:

(It’s an English light bulb, which are different from ours.)

And then, Mikhail celebrated his first Christmas

in Germany

We were fortunate to be able to travel a fair bit whilst in Europe.

Holland (Delft).

Belgium (Brugge).

Italy (Venice).

And here is where I have to tell you that a number of countries need to get on the ball!  I was unable to find ornaments in Switzerland, Austria, France, and San Marino (probably some others I’m forgetting now too). 

I am seriously bummed about that.

Then, we moved back Stateside, and one of my dear friends gave me this ornament. 

And I suddenly came up with the idea of collecting ornaments for each state I’ve been in.

(I’ve been in a number of states, but I’m just starting this collection.)

Oh, but remember I went on a Mediterranean Cruise?

Well, I couldn’t find an ornament (that wasn’t terribly cheesy) for Spain, Greece or Egypt.

But, I have this from Turkey:

The “evil eye” which is supposed to ward off evil.

And this from Malta

which is, of course, the Maltese Cross.

I’m claiming this ornament for West Virginia, where I was raised.

And over the summer I just picked up this one for Colorado.

My ornament collection is still growing and changing and I love it!  I love repeating the stories of the places, and the kids love listening to it all, and adding their bits.

So, from my family

to yours, I hope you enjoy the Holiday season and all the little opportunities it affords you to rejoice!


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2 comments on “Day 200 — Dec. 7

  1. se7en says:

    Happy Birthday to You!!! I hope you have a fabulous fabulous day!!!

  2. Beth Badorf says:

    We do the SAME THING with our ornaments, and I love your description of calling them “old friends.” If we had the space, we could fill two (or three?) trees with our collection of “old friends.”

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