Days 204-207 — Dec.11-14

I have not intended to get behind again.  I mean, I truly did mean to stay on track, but time is just escaping me. . .

Saturday and Sunday weren’t much of anything.  I can’t even recall what we did on Saturday.  Sunday we went to church and then I was just going to stay home, because of the bone-chilling cold and rain, but I discovered one of the items on the Christmas list was on sale, so we went out.  Mikhail finished his Christmas shopping and Garrett got a start on his.  I’m finally done with the kids stuff and now I just have to fret about the adults.

Monday we went to co-op, our last session of this year.  The boys had sniffles and coughs, but nothing horrible. . .got worse as the day progressed.

Tuesday we did math and language arts.  We were supposed to go to our homeschool’s Christmas choir concert, but again the boys weren’t well, so we cancelled.  (They actually do okay cough and sniffle wise from about 0900 to about 1800, but the coughing gets really bed in the evening and takes a while to diminish in the morning.)

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading, narration, vocab. quiz
Math  *  2 lessons
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
Life Skills    


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