Day 231 — Jan. 7

Okay, so I had mentioned earlier that I had planned this week to be a “teacher work week”.

So, I was a bit miffed when I awoke and discovered that out of my 12 item list I only had 2 items marked off.  (Within an hour I had a 3rd item marked off.)  Especially because I had been quite diligent about working!

It’s the time killers. . .

For example, I had on my list “print off next page of copywork for boys school next week”.

Easy-peasy, right?


Because I use a special font for them (a handwriting font).  AND my computer had crashed back at the end of November, which wasn’t a problem at the time, because I had all the copywork sheets printed off for the remainder of the year 2010.  So, I go to my copywork file, and lo and behold the font isn’t showing up.  I’m thinking it was just because I must have forgotten to upload my font program so I do that.

Only to discover that it doesn’t work with this new version of Windows. 

So, the phone call is placed for a possible upgrade / patch.

And the download link doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

And when it finally does work it takes 3 restarts of the computer to get the program correctly loaded and functioning.

Thus, it has been things like this ALL WEEK LONG that have been KILLING ME!

That, and the fact that the list keeps growing. . .

I now have 8 of 14 items marked off.  Which sounds great, except that the other items are massive time consumers.


Boys went out to play football yesterday.  Otherwise, we didn’t do any “school”.

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  football.
Life Skills    


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