Days 231-235 Jan 8-12

Well, it’s like this, you see. . .

I apparently suck at keeping up to date recently. My only excuse is that I have been very busy.  (And WordPress is giving me fits!)

Saturday I had resigned myself to sitting for yet another day and spending the entire day trudging through various forms of paperwork.  My husband had said he would take care of the kids, so I was “looking forward” to a day without interruption.

But then, the man said 2 words that are the bane of my homeschooling existence.

“Field Trip!”

I mean, I thought they would essentially stay home and ride bikes or go to a park or something. . . uninteresting.

But, a field trip!  WHAT?  It’s not like I can miss out on that, because I have to be able to write it down and what they did and saw. . .

I bet you’ll never guess where we went.

Well, okay, maybe now you can guess.  We went to the railroad museum.  A couple of notes on this trip:

Jay and I had gotten a fair amount of money for Christmas, so we decided to upgrade our camera

 to this.

And I wanted to compare our old camera to our new camera, so I took both.  I gave Jay the new camera to take pictures with.

Apparently, Jay has not taken pictures since we went digital. . .

So, 30 minutes into our trip I had at least 30 pictures on our old camera and he had 4!  Four pictures!  Worse, the poor man forgot about the lens focusing and so a number were fuzzy.

Thus, I had to ‘splain to the man the beauty of digital is taking an immense amount of pictures and deleting them at home.

Sadly, about half way through I had to confiscate the new camera from him. . .(my battery died in the other camera. . .)

The trip was fun.  But it wasn’t one that I would necessarily pay for (we actually went for “free” that day because we have a zoo membership, and they allow us to use the membership in January at the RR museum.)


We went to church and did some much-needed housecleaning.

(So, for those of you keeping track this means that I really hadn’t done a lick of the much-needed paper work over the weekend. . .)


1st day back for co-op.  It was so nice to see our friends again.  The boys finished their chemistry book last semester (recall we really did not like it) so this semester the boys were moving onto physics.  The boys weren’t happy about moving onto physics until I read the first chapter.  I think they shall like this book.


Jay stepped in as substitute teacher for me whilst I went and did my time for jury duty.  I left him to give the kids a math test and do some other minor school work and everyone was quite happy in the end.

I did my day on jury duty mostly reading.  That is until I got called in on a panel for jury selection toward the end of the afternoon.  A panel for a murder trial.  Which, for the record, I don’t know that I could deal with.  I was the second to the last person “challenged” and I can tell you I was sweating bullets the whole time.

But, now I’m done with my jury duty obligation for another year. . .


We awoke to snow!

And snow. . .well, snow demands to be enjoyed!  (Especially if it’s the first snow where you can truly play in it.)  So the morning was spent out-of-doors with friends.

There is something so invigorating about being outside in the chill and the snow.

Well, for some people anyway.  Paige had to take a time out to rest before returning to the fray.

Rose, never took a time out, but certainly enjoyed her time!

And, I have to tell you that when I see a look like this from one of my offspring I know that it’s well past time for me to get myself, and my camera, back inside!

We did our school-work in good time after lunch and the boys returned outside for the afternoon of playing and enjoying the snow.

Subject * Notes
English  *  finishing off our first reading (& related worksheets)
Math  *  test and lesson 12
Science  *  ch. 1 physics
Social Studies+  *  2 geo. worksheets
The “Arts”  *  art in co-op
PE  *  outdoor play
Socialization  *  playing with friends
Life Skills    


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