Day 236 — Jan. 13

The snow isn’t really melting.  I mean, it is, I see it happening, but it is still on the ground.

Which the kids think is just perfectly wonderful.

I think they spent more time out-of-doors today than they did yesterday.  And, I let them, (because I had to finish a book that I started).

Yet, somehow we managed to get our schoolwork done too.  (And I finished my book.)

This is all good because tomorrow we have company coming over and my house is trashed and I chose to make food that is. . .”time / labor intensive”.

Subject * Notes
English  *  finishing off all related workpages to 1st reader / phonics / literature
Math  *  lesson 14
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  outside play (Tyler went snowboarding with friends)
Socialization  *  friends over to play
Life Skills    


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