Day 243 — Jan. 20

Okay, would you just look at this:

That is my to-do list for today.

Please note that not a single item is marked off.  Nooo!

I mean I have a to-do list that is 4 items long and it is 8pm and I haven’t checked a single item off!

You might ask why it is so short to begin with.  Well, that’s because I determined that I was going to knuckle down and get it all together.  So, I determined that today was not a school day and I was going to get things done.

Yep, that’s what I said to myself. . .

It was a good day for it too.  Jay and Tyler were going snowboarding, so I would have two out of my hair.

Of course, to help them prep for their trip yesterday I made them pepperoni pips for a snack, and then thought I would make some caramel rolls for breakfast. . .

Except, when I make this I always make a double batch.  Which would give us way too much for our family.

So, I invited some friends over to join us.  (The moms whose teens were also going snowboarding today and were catching a ride with Jay.)  I mean, it made perfect sense.

We had fun!  The little guys were entertained with friends and we moms had an enjoyable morning.

And that kind of ate-up the entire morning. . .

This afternoon was spent doing laundry, dishes, bills, gift wrapping, dog-walking and the typical time drains of the day.

Thus, the reason why I did not accomplish a single thing on my list!  And why I will be all bleary-eyed in the morning.

Oh, but we did get math done. 

I also just figured out this cool little “snip” tool on my ‘puter.  (Which is how these pictures came to be in this post.)


Subject * Notes
Math  *  daily lesson
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  running helter-skelter
Socialization  *  friend’s over
Life Skills    

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