Days 238-242 — Jan. 15-19

 I just can’t seem to get with it.  I was talking with my mom yesterday and she was kind enough to not mention the fact that I’m not keeping up with my blog. 

Which was probably only because I was moaning and carrying on about how I can’t seem to get anything done recently and she couldn’t get a word in edgewise.  But, whatever. . .

Saturday we did some school.  I can’t recall exactly what, but I know we did art.  (And I only remember that because I have pictures.)

The boys and I have done this particular project before.  (You make bookmarks using strips of paper layered on each other each strip having a different curved line cut into it.)  So, I amended this project to simply, “Just show me an example of line.”

Mikhail actually showed me more of an example of “shape” in his finished version, but his previous couple of ideas certainly showed line, so I wasn’t too bothered.  (Seeing as we have done this before. . .)

Sunday, we went to church and then essentially just chilled out.  Chilling out is under-rated.  Just my opinion, but I think I need a couple of more “chill-out” days (like the remainder of this month. . .)

On Monday we went to co-op.  The boys did music, art, and physics.  (Tyler did Cultural geography and Truth Project.)  The plan was to come back home and get lots of school work done; however, plan and reality didn’t see eye to eye that day.

In my co-op class (which is entitled “MADness” and encompasses all those 7 years old and younger) I had the brilliant idea to paint pigs.  These are ceramic pigs that we have schlepped across the world and back and I still haven’t done anything with.  And it was one of those instances when it was much cheaper to buy a dozen, than just the two you wanted.

So, here I have these dozen ceramic pigs, and not a lesson anywhere to be had in my brain, so I thought that was what we would do.  Paint those puppies (er, piggies).

Except, when I opened the box of porkers (5 minutes before class), I discovered that the unfinished ceramic pigs I had bought were, in actuality, glazed.

Which turned out to be fine, because the paintbrushes that have been in our pre-school room since the start of the year had suddenly disappeared anyway.  And, because I’m discovered I’m getting really good at “rolling with it”.

Thus, I came across permanent markers (not normally something that should ever be kept in a pre-school classroom, but it had so happened that I had asked Jay to buy me some permanent markers (thinking “Sharpee”) and he came home with these “markers” so I had taken them in on the off-chance that someone could use them.

And, look at that!  Someone could!

Anyway, I only have 10 kids in my class, so I was able to bring back 2 “unfinished” piglets for my little guys to do.  And that is what they spent their afternoon doing.

Please note that I do have plenty of Sharpees in my house now.

Tuesday I was reeling from the lack of actual work we’ve been able to accomplish so I was bound and determined to “hop- to” and accomplish stuff.

I made the mistake of starting with “health”.  (We were behind a lesson.)

I mean, the first lesson was easy-peasy.  Just talking about vegetables and the different parts of plants we eat. 

The “experiment” was laughable as it was just checking out the root hairs on a carrot and the inner rings that carry sap.  I think it should have simply said to make a salad.  I mean seriously, just make a salad and talk about the different plants and what part you are eating (and you could look at the carrot then).

The bonus would be a lovely salad for either lunch or dinner and it’s like a whole two-fer, feel good project.

(Of course, I didn’t think about this idea until after we had done our carrot experiment AND eaten lunch.  Because I’m quick like that. . . )

The second health killed us though.

Oh, my, goodness!  It took us the rest of the day!  Because it was the food pyramid.

Which, by the way, there is a new food pyramid out now.  Except the three of us decided we didn’t like it as well as the “old” pyramid.  (Although, we did like the fact that it pointed to the need for exercise.)

So, we compromised and made our own.

And then, we ran into another little problem.  Yep.

You know they changed the definition of a fruit now, right?  Which totally ends the argument as to what a tomato is classified as (although now it brings into question the strawberry).  (By the way, yes, strawberries are still a fruit — they got their exception to the rule.)

But, now it makes you wonder, do you place peas under fruit or veggies?  Are they going to increase the amount of fruits required on a future pyramid?

These are things to ponder, certainly.  I was impressed with the discussions over-all.  I mean, from a 7 and a 9-year-old they are thinking.

Oh, we have managed math everyday this week. . .

Wednesday, umm. . .

Okay, that’s really sad as it is the most recent day and I honestly don’t have an idea what we did (other than math).  It seemed the entire day was doomed with interruption after interruption and I could not regain focus.

This is why we school year round.  I mean, certainly this is one of the many reasons why we do. . .

I’m sure Thursday will be much more productive. . . right???

Subject * Notes
English  *  phonics, reading, spelling, penmanship
Math  *  daily lesson
Science  *  RS4K physics ch. 2, health
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”  art, music
PE  *  outside play
Socialization  *  time with friends.
Life Skills    

One comment on “Days 238-242 — Jan. 15-19

  1. se7en says:

    A whole loooong post, how lovely!!! Every porky step of the way!!! Good to see what you guys are or are not up to!!!

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