Days 248-249 — Jan. 25-26

 Well, this is actually kind of cool compare and contrast situation.

This week we are supposed to be doing school “in earnest”.

Hate to say it but September – December, not our big school period.  Too many holidays, great field trips (because school is just starting for most), etc.

Thus far in Jan. I’ve just been trying to hang steady with math and English.

Till this week.

So, this week we added geography, spelling, piano and an increased Bible study to the little guys’ schedule.

Tyler was increased only by a Bible study (because when you are in highschool you are just simply required to do MORE).

Yesterday (Tuesday, Jan. 25), we were all up and ready for the day by 0900.  (That in and of itself is saying something as Tyler likes to wait till about 1500 to get himself out of his pjs.)

We got ALL our school work done.  Every single bit of it, including two full spelling reviews.

And we were done by 1545!

At one point, Garrett was reading a story and the line in the story went something like, “I do not want to play with you.”

 He exclaimed, “Wow, that’s harsh!”

. . . It is just terribly interesting to me, as he is totally into the stories we read whereas Mikhail will simply read without comment because he really isn’t paying much attention.

Today (Wednesday Jan. 26)

We awoke to snow!


Snow, is an automatic snow day for us.  I mean, I don’t call a no-school day, don’t misunderstand me.  But, we had a snow day, and we didn’t even begin our work till almost 1530!  Yet, somehow, we got our almost all our school work done (minus two worksheets).

This evening the snow was coming down so quick you could hardly see anything.  Right now, the snow has lightened enough for me to be able to see that a few cars had lost their way and are now sitting at odd angles at the corner of our intersection.  All the walks that we had cleared this morning are completely recovered, and there is no evidence that the boys had even been out to play earlier today.  Jay and Tyler were hoping to go snowboarding tomorrow.  Jay had work today and thus far has been unable to make it back home.

Oh, but the other cool thing.  We had an honest snow-storm!

Not what you are thinking!  Because never in my life (or at least my memory) do I recall such a thing.  But we had those massive snow flurries as well as thunder and lightning!  How cool is that!

The snow is picking up again. . .

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading(1), spelling(4), grammar (2), writing (2), phonics (1)
Math  *  2 lessons
Social Studies+  *  geography
The “Arts”  *  learning about contour drawing, piano
PE  *  oh, yeah! SNOW-DAY
Socialization  *  snow day is best with friends!
Life Skills    

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