My day is not going according to plan, and I’m out of blog time today too.

However, I promised something, so at the very least I will give this.

This is about the time of year that some homeschoolers are starting to panic about high school transcripts. 

Well, fear no more!

If you click on the picture above (and if I did it correctly) this should take you to a page created for homeschoolers by Covenant College (of which I have no connection WHAT-SO-EVER).  It has a lovely transcript form for you to fill in the boxes, and a very simple set of instructions to go with and make it all very professional looking.

In our area a great number of people pay to have their childrens’ transcripts done for them; yet, everyone who has seen these has been extraordinarily impressed with the quality and presentation.

And, can I just say, quietly, it is FREE!  FREE!  FREE!

(You know, minus the headache it creates in trying to make sure you fill everything out properly, and remember which class X-child took when.)


One comment on “Nuts

  1. Sunshine says:

    Thank you for that! 🙂 Quite a meaningful contribution for being so short on time & I for one am grateful! 😀

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