Days 258-262 — Feb. 4-8

I’m typing this Tuesday morning (Feb. 8).  I went ahead and included this date though, as I don’t believe the younger kids are doing formal school today as we have a great deal of errands that need to be run.

Friday, Feb. 4

We did a full day’s worth of school and were done by 1330.  Not bad. .  .

We even managed to complete our literature unit for the week (try to have these every 6 weeks or so).

The idea is that if I do one of these fairly “regular” then it will become “old-hat” for the little guys.  We’ve done, I think, 4 of these now, and it is NOT becoming old hat to me.  I’m forever trying to remember what each part means and what is important to come away from it with.  (i.e.  If they pick *this* conflict is it “right”?)  I like my black and white answers and a literature study is NOT that.

Saturday, Feb. 5

We did a full day’s worth of school (done by 1230) which included health, the study of nutrition labels.  What was interesting is that in the book the author focused on calories (though the lesson was on nutrition labels).  So, I came up with a different chart.  After doing it, and thinking on a bit more, I would probably have added a couple of columns (like dietary fiber).  *sigh* Ah, well.

Sunday, Feb. 6

We went to church.  The boys did piano practice and spelling drills.  There was laundry, but not a lot.  I went on a walk with a friend and then went over to a friend’s house for a book discussion.

Monday, Feb. 7

We went to co-op.  Tyler forgot his Truth Project paper.  I mean, he did it; but, he left it at home.  He only had his geography homework because I spied it on the table on my way out the door and grabbed it for him.  He needs to work on this.

So, the little guys had choir, and then RS4K physics.

Regarding RS4K physics. . .the teachers are NOT liking the experiments.  Every week I’m hearing from them about how the previous week’s experiment did not go over well, and how little hope they are holding out for this week.  (This is from the pre-level physics and the level 1 physics.)  Which is really just too bad.  Physics can be so fun at this age.

Then, there was art.  I’m not sure what they are working on now, but I have a lot of block prints that came home yesterday.

For my class we finished up our discussion of instruments:

I’ll just say that Tylenol was my friend!

There appears to be conflict a-brewin’ in co-op, just from the bits and pieces I’m hearing.  I guess I’m glad I’m hearing it, because I totally want to stay out-of-the-way.  (The only problem is I keep getting asked questions, to which I answer honestly, and I think the questions are starting to set me up to be smack in the middle of this. . .)

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading, writing, phonics, grammar
Math  *  through lesson 24
Science  *  farm animals, health
Social Studies+  *  Bible, geography
The “Arts”  *  art, choir
PE  *  outside play
Socialization  *  time with friends (on Sun.)
Life Skills    


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