Year of Homeschooling — Day 264

Feb. 10

Let’s see if I can dash something out before I turn into a pumpkin.

We had art from yesterday to do, so we did that subject first.  The idea is to make a picture with shapes and then recreate that picture with crayons on another sheet.

I found it most interesting how difficult this project was, especially for Mikhail.  First there was an issue with scale and then the whole concept of copying exactly seems to have been more of a suggestion rather than an actual process plan.

However, they actually enjoyed it.  And who am I to say?  I didn’t try this little exercise.

The rest of the day was late starting.  I mean, we woke late to begin with, and then Jay decided to make pancakes, and the art. . . So, it was nearing 1030 by the time we were actually ready to start our school day “fresh”.  Yet, we managed to get it all done by 1600.  I’m “cool” with that.

The boys are listening to “The Bible Comes Alive” series for their Bible.  I’m not sure if I like this or not.  There are a lot of artistic liberties taken in their stories.  The boys really enjoy them though, and the crux of every story is sticking with them so the jury is still out.

We covered intermediate directions on a compass rose today.  I think the boys are getting more comfortable with the idea of directions.  Then again, I tend to think they have their spelling words down until I ask them to spell “wagon” again and they somehow stick an “r” in the word.  It isn’t like we haven’t been spelling this word all week already!

For science we covered zoo animals (last week was farm animals).

Just FYI, last week we read this book: 

Then I found this book, so we read this yesterday:

Today, after reading about zoo animals we read this book:

which had a whole back-page on the Anaconda.  This inspired curiosity, so we had to troop upstairs to take a look-see on the magic box (AKA “computer”) and found this video.

Piano is getting better.  I had decided a few of days ago that I needed to have the metronome going while the boys were practicing.  That led to a few days of Tyler and I being driven berserk because the boys had the unerring ability to hit the key off-beat.  Today though, I noticed their time was a little closer to “true”.

Tyler had managed to get his history done yesterday.  It was his science he hadn’t finished.  So, today he had to double up on that, but he managed to get everything done for today.  So, we are talking SUCCESS for the day! 

I know, everyone is completely amazed.

On top of that I worked with the little guys on their cross-stitch pieces.  Mikhail is working on a race car and Garrett has a dolphin.  Don’t anyone start in on me about how I’m “sissy-fy-ing” my boys.  Trust me, it’s not possible.  Plus, needlework is fantastic for fine-motor movement.  And hey, we even got in some intermediate direction practice! 

“Hon, your stitch will go to the southwest from there.”


I thought I would just go ahead and share something that really put me off-kilter the last two weeks. 

The story begins by Jay noticing something wrong with my hair.  I thought it was just an odd-ball, not-too-happy-about, kind of dealy-o until I mentioned it to Tyler the next morning.  In the process of trying to show him what I was talking about we discovered that it was not a single instance AT ALL.

And that completely “wigged” me out.  (Okay, the pun was totally intended here.)

My hair, I will admit, is one of my prides.  I have a lot of it, and it (until recently) is generally extraordinarily healthy.

But then, THIS was discovered!

And not just that.  It has friends, and is throwing a freakin’ party on my head and seems to want to invite others.

For the record, I AIN’T HAPPY!

Worse, when I went to the doctor they said something about it being an auto-immune disorder.  And guess what???!!!  I discovered that my immune system was another one of my prides.  So, here I was being “attacked” on two fronts, and honestly I just wanted an immense amount of chocolate and hugs.

I know of at least 5 spots.  It may seem funny, but I just can’t bring myself to look for anymore. . .I’d rather have a full head of grey than these spots.  They’re like crop circles on my noggin’.  It weirds me out.

I’m trying to “get over myself”; thus, the reason I’m throwing this up on this post.  I mean, really, it’s just hair.  (And, thankfully, it is growing back.)

I will say though, that if this had to happen to me, why on earth couldn’t it have happened in one of those areas that I try NOT to have hair?  I mean, honestly!

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading, phonics, spelling, dictation, grammar, literature
Math  *  lesson 26
Science  *  zoo animals, snakes
Social Studies+  Bible:  Sodom & Gomorrah, Geography:  intermediate directions
The “Arts”  *  shape creations, piano
Life Skills    

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