O-oh Where have you been homeschool mom, homeschool mom???

Which is a fair enough question.

I guess the best way to answer that question is that I’ve been wrapping my brain around the fact that my oldest has left the nest, and the next time he returns I will feel as if I have a visitor in my home.

Not that I’ve been depressed, (that seems to be the automatic assumption here). . . just wrapping my head around it.

I’ve also had a couple of rather large and heavy “balls” up in the air since our return from his graduation, and I’m just starting to feel like they won’t squish me flatter than a flitter if I take a moment to blog.

So, I’m back; but, right now, I’m off to do school with the kiddoes.


One comment on “O-oh Where have you been homeschool mom, homeschool mom???

  1. se7en says:

    Great to have you back… I think you may have just hit upon yet another secret unwritten milestone in parenting… everyone mentions the “Empty Nest” but I don’t think anything can prepare you for the wam bam feeling… Your first sentence so describes it… One of my best friends kids just left for a year of teaching English in S. Korea… and it is so hard I tell you!!! I am sorry it is so hard and that you have suffered but I am so grateful for your honesty. Everyone always says: beware of teething, beware of toddlers, beware of pre-teens, beware of teens… but no-one describes this… Oh yay I have to look forward to it eight times… dreading it!!! I blinked and my oldest was thirteen and I will blink again and six kids will have left home – gasp.

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