Year of Homeschooling — Days 282-286

Feb. 28 – Mar. 4

I’m trying to re-cap here, as quickly as possible, but I’m having issues uploading pictures.

And, that is SO not cool!

This week, we’ve done “fine” with school.

I mean, Monday we went to co-op and what-not.

Tuesday we got our school work done.

Wednesday, we got most of school work done AND went on a “play-date” with some friends.  We also saw our first crocus of the year.

Crocus reticulatus

(not my photo, as I forgot my camera that day)

Thursday, school went well.

Friday. . .

Friday, I wanted to shut myself in a sound-proof room, as it appeared that spring had finally sprung in the hearts of my children.

Do you all get this?  Is it just me?  That time of year when your kids can not deal with the inside of your house another instant and can not seem to speak without SCREAMING!

Please tell me this happens to others. . .

Well, there was nothing for it.  I mean, I suppose I could have attempted to make us all suffer through it which would most assuredly caused me to go insane and exceptionally grumpy. . .

OR. . .

we could call a field trip, and go to the zoo.

Which, in my opinion, fit perfectly for the wild creatures in my care.

Supposing that it may not just be my kids that were suffering the onset of spring, I called a friend.

(Sorry kiddoes, the sun was awful bright!)

So, Friday counted as a totally successful school day!


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