It’s Friday. . .

Er, no it’s not.  . .

Jay’s schedule has me all turned around.  I CAN NOT wait till the man is done with school.  Truly!

We went out and worked in the garden, oh, two days ago.  It’s “late” but it’s not “never” so I guess we’re okay.  Our strawberries are looking fabulous.

Yesterday it rained so the only gardening we did was plant seeds in peat pots,

and fret about the survivability of that which we had accomplished the day before.

A little while ago I walked into the schoolroom and “caught” Tyler and Drew in an online game of chess arguing as to whether one of them had used the “present perfect” or the “past perfect” form of some word.

Then, the other day when we were coming back from the grocery store, Tyler went into a whole dissertation as to the merits of the semi-colon.

There are times when I think I’m raising nerds. . .

But then, one of my little guys will come down and go into great detail about *something* that left a bodily orifice. . .

And, you know what I’ve discovered? Regardless of how smart or “mature” a man is, that latter conversation will have them all in a competition (or giggles).

Jay, now reading over my shoulder, says, “At least we talk about things of substance.”



One comment on “It’s Friday. . .

  1. Sherri says:

    I found you after doing a search on the WTM forums on Lightning Literature. Oh boy are your schedules helpful. I feel guilty for not paying for them, though appreciative that I don’t have too 🙂
    I am itching to order this but am waiting patiently for a used copy. Thanks for posting about it and I have something to do (look over your plans) until I find a copy.

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