In the middle of it all

Oh, I have not written in a long time!

It’s not because I don’t have anything to say, or lack time (although sometimes the latter is true).  Rather, it is because there is so much rattling around in my brain I can’t muster coherent thoughts.

So, pardon me for my randomness.  I’m hoping if I at least put something down, then I’ll start regaining focus.


Did you know I have the same number of “readers” when I actually write a post as when I go long periods of time without writing anything?

That’s depressing, as I’m pretty sure that means I have little to no readers and everyone is actually coming here for my schedules.


Jay is finally done with nursing school!  He graduates tomorrow, and then all he has left to do is take the NCLEX.

I’m so very proud of him, and excited that this part of our lives are over.

Jay has already got a job lined up!

I’m very happy about that!

And, Jay is talking about going back to school to further his education.

I told him he better give me two years without him in school; otherwise I’m liable to commit hari-kari.


We finished our co-op year!

Man-o, man-o was I so terribly happy it was over!


The play turned out to be a huge success.

Which is amazing given that we had yet to do a full, entire, run-through of the thing till the date of the first performance!


Back in April I wrote that I had decided not to rejoin our co-op.  I also wrote that I would not bore you with the details of why I was not joining.  Well, I didn’t bother telling the co-op group the whys and wherefores of the reason we weren’t coming back either.

And, that has just been killing a great number of people!

Interestingly, towards the end of May another co-op contacted me and wondered if we would want to join.  Now, this other co-op is very large and supposedly very well-organized.  Also, I have been on their waiting list for two years.

So, “co-op” is still in our future. . .

And I can’t tell you how much that has people at the old co-op even more curious as to why I quit theirs.


My Mom, Dad and Grandma came to visit last week.  Mom and Dad have left and I have Grandma  staying here for almost a full month.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity to spend time with her, but I have to keep reminding myself not to have “expectations”.

In my finite wisdom, I have come to learn that “expectations” are the greatest downfall to “joy”.


Grandma is suffering. . .either from Alzheimer’s or just plain old age dementia.  (Two different doctor’s opinions.)

It seems her long-term memory is quite good, but her short-term memory isn’t so much there.

I tell you though, I’m learning so much about my Grandmother. . .

It is an interesting thing when you realize that these people in your lives actually, you know, had LIVES.  Like when you discover your school teacher shops at the grocery store, or your parents had sex more than x number of kids that were produced.

Or that Grandma had a life so foreign to anything you can imagine. . .


Grandma has a dog named Baxter.

He is spoiled rotten!

He refuses to eat his soft, canned, dog-food she lays out for him till he has eaten at least a meal’s worth of treats.

My dog, on the other hand, whilst crunching his hard dog food is wondering how on earth he could have gone so wrong to wind up with us as owners rather than her.  (And before Baxter came, I truly believe our dog was quite content.)


My dog, Inigo, is truly a homeschooled dog!

Baxter tries to engage him in play and Inigo runs away.

(Inigo has been attacked by other dogs in the past though. . .)


I’m sure there is more I’m forgetting, but at this point I need to get off and get my day going.

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One comment on “In the middle of it all

  1. KatDilan says:

    “In my finite wisdom, I have come to learn that “expectations” are the greatest downfall to “joy”.”

    So true!

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