It’s cooler

The temperature finally dropped due to high winds, I suppose.

Course, those high winds may also have been the cause of our internet getting all spotty for two days, where we were lucky to be able to get on the internet for about 90 seconds at a time.

Or, it may have been a computer issue. . .

All I know is that this problem is now fixed and Jay has been hogging the computer ever since.

To be fair, he’s studying for his NCLEX exam through a Kaplan online study program, and he starts working full-time on Monday.  So, I’m trying to be good about sharing. . .

(Course, then I think that’s the whole reason we got the laptop. . .but the darn thing just won’t hold a constant speed to watch the videos.)


Not to cool, but enough so no one wanted to die whilst making ice cream.

And just so you know, you know you are amongst homeschoolers when you awake upon a morning to find this upon your table (it not being there the night before).

and you wonder what on earth. . .

until you take a closer look-see and thereupon turn giddy at the sight of tadpoles

in various stages of development

and with other pond friends.

And, then to have the day topped off by another neighbor dropping off a snake-skin for your kiddoes to examine.

I think my Grandmother suspects she was dropped off on another planet!

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