Heard Around

Items heard around the house recently:

“Geez, you just finish the breakfast dishes, and you all are sitting down to lunch!”  Grandma

“Grandma!  I’m not done eating yet!  Give me my plate back, please.”  Tyler  (Proof that the child does not inhale his food as we once suspected.  Also proves age hasn’t slowed Grandma down.)

“Baxter, you eat that food, or I’m done with ya.”  Grandma to her dog (at least 20 times a day)

“Every time I step in this kitchen there are more dirty dishes to do!”  Grandma

“Are you sure the commissary is cheaper than Wal*Mart?”  Grandma to me en route to the commissary 45 minutes away.

“Yes, Grandma, in milk alone I make up the difference plus the gas cost.”  Response from me.

“I can’t believe Jay drives all this way every day!”  Grandma

“He retired Grandma, remember?   Now he works up in the city.”  My response

Mom!  There’s a hamburger missing!”  Mikhail

I just don’t understand why that dog won’t eat his dog food anymore.”  Grandma, muttering as she walks past. . .

“I wanna be her dog!”  Inigo (our dog) whining.


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