So, the other day I thought to watch a tv episode online.

This particular episode was through a broadcast company (the CW), that I have never had the *pleasure* to view online before.

And, I’m here to tell you, that to watch a 1-hour tv episode online through “the CW” took about 1 hour and 7 minutes thanks to all the ads they stuffed in there.

(The Toyota Venza ad – Facebook reference was totally cute.)

Anyway, I was subjected to a number of Nair ads.  Do you remember Nair?  I remember when it came out.  I remember trying it.  I remember it failing miserably to live up to expectations.

Anyhoo, Nair is also advertising a roll-on wax, of which they showed us an example of use. . .  And the lovely lady who offered her legs to be waxed was already clean-shaven!


But, that made me think of some of the favorite things I like to look at.  Before and after pictures of house projects.

I love looking at those photos!  I mean, I truly do!  It used to amaze me that the after pictures ALWAYS looked so much better than the before pictures. . .even if I couldn’t stand the design of the “after”.

And that’s when I figured out the little “trick”.

If you ever look at these pictures you will notice a common theme.  The “before” pictures are almost always “lived-in”.  I mean, there is the clutter of life, in those photos, (even if it is picked up and tidied, it still exists).

The “after” pictures are almost always show-room perfect.


Not that I’d ever want a show-room perfect house.  Egads, can you imagine the amount of work that would take???  Blech!

But, that certainly doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy a show-room moment.

I have been MIA for quite some time, and there are those who may wonder why.

Well, for the month of May (and part of June), Jay confiscated the computer to study for his board exams (which he passed!).  Then, when I got the computer back, I was trying to limit my time online. . .and I had a project in the works.

At this point it is still a “paper project”.  Meaning nothing has happened, tangibly. . . yet.  However, there is hope that this will soon change.

Yes, my friends, we are looking at a complete KITCHEN REMODEL!


So, I will try to blog more regularly, and pictures, (rejoices and woes) will be added.  But, today I’m going looking for tile.  😉

Oh, but, for the record, Nair could really learn something about before and after pictures in home magazines.  (They should definitely start with a “lived-in” leg.)


One comment on “Before

  1. D says:

    🙂 Can’t wait to see kitchen remodeling updates.

    Ditto on the ‘before’ Nair pix…they need a real before model (but I am not volunteering).

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