Once upon a time

You know, my kitchen has already been remodeled once, or so, since we moved here.

Tis true, tis true.

However, this was before I recognized the value of before and after pictures. . . or digital cameras.

So, let’s see what I’ve got. . .

Oh, okay, this first picture (actually, the first three) were taken on the day that our bid was actually accepted.  We didn’t have the boys with us whilst we were house shopping, so we thought they might enjoy having some pictures to look at.

This is from the dining room “looking into” the kitchen.

And, these are the only shots I have of the kitchen itself.

We moved into our house in November of 05.  By January of ’06 I couldn’t stand it any more and Jay and my father took out that lovely divider wall (above the sink on the kitchen side — on the dining room side, it’s the bit that looks totally out-of-place (off-color).

Oh, my!  Would you look at my babies!

Jay also took out the old counter tops and put in new ones — both the same color!  He also added some cabinetry, so I would have greater storage in my cave kitchen.

And, since it showed up in my first picture, here’s our dining room — almost done.

(Work completed by Jay July 2008-March 2009.)

It’s kind of important to note the dates of the dining room rehab.  Because up to that point Jay was absolutely adamant that he would do the kitchen remodel.  And, after the dining room was completely finished, I put my foot down and told him there was no way in Hades I could handle that amount of time for a kitchen remodel.

Thus, we have found a contractor.


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